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New Zealand Gift Boxes for Special Occasions

Our advent Gift Boxes are full of curated products from businesses all around New Zealand for a particular special occasion.

Inside your Gift Box each product is individually wrapped in numbered packaging, to indicate the order of opening the gifts. All the wrapped gifts go into a beautifully presented box, personalised with a gift tag specially for you, or that special someone!

Little Daily Delights

Enjoy a little delight each day with our Mother's Day & Christmas advent gift boxes, while counting down to the special occasion! 

We Support Local

We focus on bringing you gift boxes with New Zealand made products, as our way of supporting local, homegrown businesses.

It's all in the Details

Beautifully packaged and personalised gift boxes with a personalised name tags. They say it's the little things in life, and we agree!


Christmas Gift Box, 2022

Treat yourself to a month of beauty and pampering as we count down to the most wonderful time of the year. This year there are two advent Christas gift boxes – Our classic 12 Days Christmas Gift Box, or, our 24 Days Christmas Gift Box.


It’s Time to Show Yourself Some Love

To look after others, we also need to look after ourselves. Our monthly gift box subscription does make a fantastic gift for family and friends but is also perfect to give to yourself! 

Self-care is often placed at the bottom of the to-do list, and we can understand how that happens. That’s why we created the monthly gift box subscription; you simply order, and we’ll organise everything for you. Imagine being able to sit down with a coffee once the kids have gone to bed or off to school and taking a moment for yourself…. pure bliss!


Mother's Day Gift Box

Make your mum's week this May with our Mother's Day Advent Gift Box! Yes! You can give Mum exactly what she wants this year by gifting her our Mother’s Day Gift Box!  Filled with 8 individually wrapped products (worth $160) we’ve hand selected from small New Zealand businesses. 

Follow us as we reveal the gifts each day leading up to the special occasion!


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