The Advent Calendar Journey

in Dec 30, 2023

Who hasn't grown up with it? An Advent calendar filled with delicious chocolates or little surprises. The excitement of opening all the doors at once. Can you resist? Not me! But where did the Advent calendar originate? And what makes it such a delightful gift to give and receive?

What is an Advent calendar?

Advent calendars have 12 or 24 boxes in the place of days, counting down to Christmas. Starting on the first of December or 13th and ending on Christmas eve. Usually and more traditionally they are filled with some festive chocolates, but in recent years you can find advent calendars filled with many different small gifts or yummy treats. There is a lot to choose from! 

Advent calendars date back to the 19th century! The calendars are based on the Advent period – The time leading up to the Nativity of Christ at Christmas. During this period, Christians prepare for the commemoration of the birth of Jesus (christmas day). This tradition made families grow very close together. So it’s ideal if you want to stir up the Christmas spirit in the people around you!

The first printed Advent calendar is considered to have been created by Gerhard Lang. As a child, he had received 24 cookies sewn onto the lid of a box by his mother, in which he was allowed to eat one a day during Advent. In 1908 following a pilot project in 1904 he released the first printed Advent calendar.

Why Advent calendars?


Feel the joy of giving with our Advent Calendars - a heartfelt and unique gift that never goes out of style. Every day brings a delightful surprise, expressing your deep appreciation to the recipient. Ideal for colleagues, friends, and family members alike.

DIY Advent Calenders

Unleash your creativity and personalize your Advent calendar by filling it yourself! Let your imagination soar and select from a range of options to create a truly remarkable gift.

Treats - Indulge in the classic option of something sweet. Whether you hand-pick the chocolates or go for a filled Advent calendar, chocolate is always a reliable choice (just be mindful of ingredients and potential allergies). You can also mix and match various delectable treats to create a festive assortment.

Miniature beauty products - Imagine the mini versions of shower gel, scrub, and masks. They're the perfect choice for your Advent calendar, offering both variety and convenience. And you can easily find them at your local drugstore!

Logo-branded promotional gifts - Looking for something more personal from your own brand or company? Our range of business gifts will help you. Are you looking for something that can be used every day? Then check out our USB sticks, markers or power banks. For a more original twist, check out our cords or sunglasses.

You can even choose to combine all the ideas above! The choice is yours to create the ultimate advent calendar.

I'm completely stumped for a design!

There are many ideas to choose from when it comes to design. Some people want to project a different image than others. Here’s a little tip: A festive design is always a good idea. But what else could you do? A photo with your colleagues

  • A minimalistic design
  • The classic Christmas colours – red and green
  • A design full of illustration


Choose an Advent calendar for a memorable and meaningful gift. Let this blog inspire you to create the perfect advent calendar! Share your ideas and experiences with us - we love to see our customers’ creations come to life.



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