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Happy Birthday Tea Bag

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Discover the unique charm of our PositiviTeas™ range, featuring organic single tea bags, each adorned with an inspiring message.

  • Single-Serve Convenience: Perfect for any occasion, each tea bag is designed for one delightful serving.
  • Eco-Friendly: Enjoy your tea with a clear conscience, thanks to our compostable, plastic-free tea bags and recyclable packaging.
  • Premium Quality: Each bag is filled with the finest organic tea sourced from Charity Tea™, ensuring a luxurious taste.
  • More Than Just Tea: These aren’t just tea bags; they’re thoughtful gifts, heartfelt cards, and memorable experiences rolled into one!

Tea Bags available in

  • Happy Birthday (Kawa - organic Kawakawa Lemon & Ginger)
  • Happy Anniversary (Good Morning - organic English Breakfast)
  • Thinking Of You (Kawa - organic Kawakawa Lemon & Ginger)
  • Congratulations (Good Morning - organic English Breakfast)
  • You Are Loved (Peachy - organic Peach Honeybush)
  • You Are Special (Royal - organic Earl Grey)
  • You Are Strong (Jazz - organic Green Tea with Jasmine)
  • You Are Amazing (Kawa - organic Kawakawa Lemon & Ginger)
  • You Are Enough (Good Morning - organic English Breakfast)

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