About Us

Beautiful Surprises started from humble beginnings. Previously known as Beautiful Christmas, the popular advent calendar concept was born out of a love for beauty and pampering products, and the desire to support local New Zealand businesses.

What Are We All About?

Now under new ownership on the Coromandel coast, Beautiful Surprises was established to add more exciting gifting options for other special occasions throughout the year. Sometimes one day is just not enough to celebrate – with Beautiful Surprises, you can enjoy counting down with one treat a day until the special day!

Why New Zealand?

We love showing our support for businesses from our beautiful country, from a single-person operation to bigger household names. Buying New Zealand-made products ensures you are buying cruelty-free, and many New Zealand businesses make products that are vegan, organic, or plant-based.

As if that wasn't enough, when you buy from New Zealand-based businesses, you are buying products with less carbon footprint than imported products, and supporting the domestic economy.

Sometimes it's hard to learn about new brands - which is where Beautiful Surprises comes in! Our boxes are filled with delicious beauty and pampering gifts from a range of companies, so you can discover exactly how much New Zealand has to offer.

How it works

We curate products from businesses all around New Zealand for a particular special occasion.

Each product is then individually wrapped in numbered packaging, to indicate the order of opening the gifts.

All the wrapped gifts go into a beautifully presented box, personalised with a hand-calligraphed gift tag specially for you!

Follow us on social media as we reveal the gifts each day leading up to the special occasion!


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